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How Would Your Family Know What To Do,  If  Something Happens to You?

Don't Leave Your Family at Risk of Confusion, Conflict or Expensive and Unnecessary Time in Court: Create An Inventory of What Matters to You ... For the People You Love

Whether you have a lot or a little, or have already created a will or trust, this is the most important gift you can leave to the people you love ... because your family is worth it.

Think you already have it covered? Think again ... and read my story about my father-in-law's failed estate plan below.

If the unexpected were to happen to you...

  •  Do your loved ones know how to find your assets? Passwords? Crypto? That old IRA, even you've forgotten about? Do you know how to find your parent's accounts? Probably not. 
  • ​Who would your family call first if something happened to you? Does that person know what to do, and how to handle things for you, get access to your assets, and  keep the wheels on the bus?
  • Is everything documented clearly in one place, easy to find? Or will your hard-earned resources become part of the $58,000,000,000 (Billions!) lost to the government because your family simply wouldn't know?

In this free training, I will teach and guide you on ... 

  • How to create a comprehensive inventory of what you own, from cash to crypto. Learn what your family needs to know to access your assets AND create your own map.
  • ​How to talk to your loved one's about incapacity and death, and create more connection, especially if your family has been resistant to talking about the inevitable.
  • ​The most important legal steps for you and your family to take right now to stay out of court and out of conflict. You'll learn what you can do yourself and what you need to have a lawyer do for you. 

You could die tomorrow. You probably won't, but the best way to live life fully and fearlessly, is by knowing you've done what's necessary for the people you love.

Now is the time to make sure you've documented what you have, that your parent's have documented what they have, and to make sure the people that matter to you know how to find and access everything you have and would leave behind. Leave a legacy of love, not a mess ... 

Invite Your Parents!

If you haven't talked with your parents about their assets, watch this training with them, let them know you are getting your affairs handled, and support them to get theirs handled too.

If they are resistant, let them know it's free, and will help you, when something happens to them. Take an hour now to save a lifetime of frustration and the real risk of loss for your family.

Attend this live, online training with Lawyer and Best-Selling Author, Ali Katz, and create your own Personal Resource Map™ for everything you have, and everyone you love, now. 

Because your family is worth it.

Free Online Training + a Map For the People You Love

Hi, I’m Ali.

For the better part of 20 years I've worked as an attorney, entrepreneur and private advisor to families and business owners. My passion for helping families steward their resources between generations began in law school, when my father-in-law died.

He had spent $3,000 on an estate plan to us family from having to deal with the probate court after his death, and specifically to keep us from having to deal with his ex-wife. 

So, you can imagine how confusing it was when, after he died, we were left dealing with the probate court and his ex-wife.

I thought for sure his lawyer must have committed malpractice.
Turns out, it was common practice.

You see, while my father-in-law had put in place an estate plan with a lawyer, thinking everything was taken care of, that plan was never updated, and when he died his assets weren’t owned in the right way to keep us out of court or from having to deal with his ex-wife. 

And, as crazy as this may seem, more than twenty years later, there are STILL assets of my father-in-law stuck in Florida’s Department of Unclaimed Property.

To say I was alarmed is an understatement. This was a major problem, and I was determined to figure it out. 

I began interviewing estate planning lawyers across the country. Shockingly, every lawyer I spoke to was putting in place estate plans, wills, trusts and form documents the exact same way that my father-in-law’s lawyer had. 

Like my father-in-law, clients took those documents home and filed them away in a drawer or on a bookshelf, checked “estate planning” off their to-do list, and never looked at them again—only for the family to find out (when it was too late) that those documents were out of date, and they were lost and confused.

I've spent the last 20 years of my career fixing what's broken in the estate planning industry, teaching lawyers how to do it right, and now I've got support for you.

Create Your Own Personal Resource Map™ to empower your family with the guidance that really matters.

Free Online Training + Map for the People You Love

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